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Holographic Hair

Holographic hair resembles a CD when you hold it to the light and refracts a rainbow of blue, yellow, purple and green hues.

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair has been all the rage, and rightfully so! This pink tinted hue looks great on blonde or brown hair.

Color Melting

Color melting is when you combine multiple tones for a seamless hair color from your roots to tips.

Watermelon Hair

s vivid color combo looks just as sweet as the juicy fruit! If you are feeling daring, try out this truly unique color combo on your tresses.

Fiery Red

This vivacious copper color is beautiful and impactful! To keep your fiery red hue, make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair.

Platinum/Silver Blonde

Platinum blonde hair is elegant yet edgy, and this color is modernized to look more white/grey and less yellow.

Geode Hair

This amethyst to navy ombre will have you looking just like a precious gemstone, and unlike platinum hair the geode hair trend doesn’t require bleach.


Eclipting is proved to be the next hot trend!

Smokey Lilac

The smokey lilac hair trend is a combination of deep, grayish purple to pale lavender.


Pastel hair is ultra femme and an easy to way to dip your toe into all these fun, playful hair color trends.

Strawberry Blonde

Shades of strawberry blonde include juicy hues of apricot and peach. This hair color flatters lighter skin tones and is a natural yet playful color to rock this year.

Dip Dye

Dip dye is a fun color trend where your hair looks like it was literally dipped in dye. Best part is having no hassle of having that awkward grow out stage.


This trend isn’t going anywhere! Balayage is a classic as it’s easy to upkeep since you don’t color your roots.


Just like the name suggests blorange is a hybrid of blonde and orange.

Denim Hair

This hair look joins the ranks of the other bold color trends in style this year.


Ombre hair is a clear-cut combo of two colors, with typically darker natural roots and lighter bleached ends.


If you have gray hair naturally, now is the time to flaunt it! Women are actually dyeing their hair gray as it’s the hot, new trend.


Already sporting chocolate brown hair? Lighten it up for summer by going bronde!

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